Who am I? And how values have shaped me?

Although the human mind is regarded highly malleable by today’s scientific community, I take a relatively moderate stance between that notion and orthodox conventions- aptly summarized by an old Tibetan aphorism which states that is impossible to fill a full cup. Born and raised in a strict traditional Chhetri community, it was a game changer when I was admitted to a fully residential school at the age of 10.

Not only from the vantage of living in a hostel but this new life meant so much more. It was the national school of Nepal where people from all over the nation came to study. The diversity was simply overwhelming and the mini-culture at this school was representative of the whole Nepal itself. The term “Unity in Diversity” can help to communicate the idea. The motto was “Wisdom, Integrity and Respect”; three simple words with easy meanings. But it turns out that I am still learning the meaning of those three words. The more I think about it the more I realize and internalize the values and pathos of those three words.
Credit- My Brother


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